A hand-built-to-order new car


Passion for cars is what drives us and we've plunged in a new adventure: to construct from scratch a car with a body shape of one of the most iconic cars ever produced, and this is the culminations of our dreams.

Being a small workshop we haven’t all the hassles to employ middle managers and no corner offices, no salesmen and no commission checks, cutting out all the hidden cost that at the end of the day would be returned on customer. Our philosophy is to keep producer-customer relationship crystal clear and trouble-free. The business principles of UCR reflect our own personal ethics. Our background and know-how on automotive engineering allow us to hire engineers and craftsmen who are driven by the same ethics, thus allowing us to produce what would otherwise be impossible for any big company tangled with an extensive structure and amortisation costs.

Our goal is to have a small production of fun vehicles to be used either on a leisure drive or on a serious competition in a racing track. Our Roadster model can be driven in a busy trendy avenue, but when it come to show the muscle will not let you down in any respect: acceleration will glue you to the seat and corner handling is somehow breathtaking.

The fibreglass body stick to a much loved iconic racing car while a powerful V8 engine unit promise a fun and exciting drive under any condition. A solid rear axel with a Panhard bar will make sure a reliable handling at every corner. At the end of the day we want our clients be happy and enjoy what is a great drive on an iconic car built in South-East Asia with modern and reliable technologies.